Revelation 5: The Lion and the Lamb

Reflections on bible talk from APC on October 6th 2013.


  • How can we say that Jesus is the only way to God? This has the question backwards. Nobody is worthy to save ourselves. It is a miracle that there is any way to get to God at all! There is only one way because there is only one who is worthy
  • One way to God because:
    • There is only one God
    • There is only one worthy / only one rescuer
    • There is only one who fulfils all the requirements
  • The lion has triumphed / overcome / conquered / victorious
  • The scandal of the lamb that has been slain purchasing us with His blood
  • We have been purchased for a reason (purchase a coffee maker to make coffee).
    We have been purchased to: serve our God (v10)
  • V8. The prayers of the saints are like incense in the throne room of God. Don’t stop praying!
  • This vision is reality now, but also blurs the boundary of the reality to come i.e. all the sea is subdued and every creature is praising God (not quite what we see in reality now)
  • The building crescendo of the 3 songs that model how we are to respond to our Lion/Lamb:
  1. The new (victory) song of the 24 elders and four creatures
  2. The song of the innumerable angels
  3. Every creature in all creation, singing to Father and Son
  • How do we sing a new song?
    Move to the rhythm of the music of Christ
  1. Praise (who God is)
  2. Thanks (what God has done)
  3. Emotion – heart, who we are, internal
  4. Words and deeds / speak and act – how we live, external
  • How else to respond, but to say AMEN (I agree) and fall down and worship
  • What is the backing track that will define my life?
    “I did it my way!” or “Worthy is the Lamb to receive ALL for ever and ever!”


Lord Jesus you are worthy to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise, for ever and ever. Father God, make me move to the rhythm of the music of Christ – with my heart, my thoughts, my deeds. Define my life with a full hearted dedication to singing the praises of Jesus, and giving him all that I am – my best, forever.