Total Church: A Radical Reshaping around Gospel and Community


The world forms its view of Jesus by looking at Christians

How do we ‘do church’ in a postmodern and post-Christian world?
– In a easy-to-see, easy-to-understand, ‘come-and-join-me’ kind of way?


Luke 14:1-49

First impressions

I think a key difference in this account is the addition of the mention (twice) of Jesus opening the disciples minds and explaining himself from the scriptures.
v49 ‘Send you what my father has promised’ You have to read the sequel to find out what that is?
Was Jesus actually hungry, or was he proving he was alive

What is the main theme?

Mark 16:1-20

First impressions
Slightly more information that Matthew resurrection and ascension account.

Interesting that Mark says ‘preach the gospel’ but Matthew says ‘make disciples’. In Mark the great commission appears to be given more specifically to the disciples as signs were associated with the activity that believers don’t normally expect today. Continue reading “Mark 16:1-20” »